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jsFiddle, some thoughts

I've recently come into love with jsFiddle. It's an awesome tool for quickly hacking together some neat front end stuff. But it's lacking a couple of features.

Need moah Features

Before we dive into the features I'd like jsFiddle to provide, I'd like make it very clear that I want to pay for them. Just like github, you're getting a great free service. But when you need some more features (private repos, more space, …) you're raising the demand and should be billed for it. I'm talking about something along the lines of $5 / month (which is what I'm currently paying for github).

Console for Logging

When running fiddles on browsers without an active console, jsFiddle could jump in and offer another tab "log". If window.console is undefined, jsFiddle would provide that object with the methods log(), warn(), info(), error(), dir() and write the pretty-printed messages to the "log" tab.

Personal Presets

When opening jsFiddle I want the various configuration sections to be prefilled with my personal preferences. 95% of the time I'm using the latest jQuery onDomReady. Id like a button "save preset" which will save the entire configuration to my profile and prefill the configuration whenever I start a new fiddle.

Half the time I'm adding resources like modernizr or -prefix-free. I'd like the resources section to show me a list of the resources I've used most frequently or last. Then I could activate them with a simple click or two.

Private Fiddles

just like private gists, I'd like to have private fiddles. Stuff I'm working on and potentially sharing with a small number of people. Those fiddles would have a title and description but not show up on my public profile.

Tagged Fiddles

I'd love some way of organizing my fiddles. The simplest solution I can think of are tags. Just tag some fiddles with "foo", and access the filtered list at /users/me/tags/foo.

GUI for embedding options

I'd like a GUI for the custom embedding options. It would be great if that UI also featured the last custom embedding options I've used. Point, click, done.


Resource Management

I'd like to drop an image onto jsFiddle and it would automatically convert it to a data-uri I can use in html/css/js pabels. Alternatively, Those images would be saved somewhere along with the fiddle and accessible via /res/my-dropped-image.jpg. Dropping data-uris into one of the panels is just annoying. For one they're re-evaluated on every ctrl+enter. They're filling up the precious coding space. They slow down the IDE (being text in the editor and all).


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Piotr Zalewa on :

Piotr ZalewaAll of above (and more) is planned for beta.

Rodney Rehm on :

Rodney RehmYou guys are, simply put, awesome! Thank you for such a great service :)

Jens Grochtdreis on :

Jens GrochtdreisAll your points are valid and I do agree. I am happy that they are already planned. But I'd like to add three more.

  1. If embedded, the code should be editable.
  2. If embedded, the "result" tab should cover the complete height not only a small part.
  3. You should be able to download the fiddle as a whole page.

The second point annoys me very much. I'd really like to include jsFiddles into my pages for teaching at the university. But the results aren't shown adequately. And I didn't find a way around.

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