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Improving Disk I/O in PHP Apps

For the release of Smarty 3.1.0 I refactored most of Smarty's disk access. As this optimization from September 2011 kept popping up questions on the Smarty forums, I finally felt the need to explain what I did. Although Smarty is the reason I discovered this, this post applies to PHP in general, not Smarty in particular. This post is all about laying the groundwork for you to realize two things:

  1. Your operations are not atomic
  2. Avoid accessing the hard disk unnecessarly
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Prevent Smarty from writing compiled templates

Many tools come with an installation / setup / configuration procedure. At this stage directories needed by the tool or its components usually don't yet exist. For Smarty based systems this poses a problem, as Smarty writes compiled templates to a designated directory. So if the installer is built upon Smarty, the developer is presented a hen/egg problem.

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CMYK Images And Browsers And ImageMagick

Dealing with user-uploaded images in web applications has become dead simple - yet not simple enough. JPEG knows profiles and color spaces not every renderer understands correctly. This post illustrates how CMYK JPGs present accross browsers and how one can easily avoid those problems. (And show a neat trick to speed up ImageMagick on multi-core systems.)

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