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Causal Blathering

For someone doing front end work it's pretty likely they'll stumble upon the works of people like Paul Irish at some point or another. These people are involved in virtually every tool we use every day. These are the people trying to teach us "regular developers" how the web works. And what many don't realize - metaphorically speaking they live just around the corner. They're people like you and me, only prominent.

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CMYK Images And Browsers And ImageMagick

Dealing with user-uploaded images in web applications has become dead simple - yet not simple enough. JPEG knows profiles and color spaces not every renderer understands correctly. This post illustrates how CMYK JPGs present accross browsers and how one can easily avoid those problems. (And show a neat trick to speed up ImageMagick on multi-core systems.)

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Making selector aware

When using to interact with data-attributes selecting elements with that attribute will not work. jQuery('.selector').data('name'); reads the data-name="foobar" attribute from a DOMElement. This attribute could be used in a selector, say jQuery('[data-name="foobar"]').hide(). But if you use to set or update such an attribute, your selector would fail.

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